Hot sale Ozone Monitor with excellent performance

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Real time detection and monitoring ambiance ozone level
Electrochemical ozone sensor inside
Preset two stage alarm points for ozone measurement
Buzzer alarm and 3-color backlight LCD indication
Provide 2x relay dry contact outputs and 1x analog output
Modbus RS485 communication Interface
Higher performance with lower price

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Design for real time detecting and monitoring ambiance ozone level and temperature
Electrochemical ozone sensor with high sensitivity
Particular LCD display with three color backlights (Green/Yellow/Red)
Maximum ozone measuring range: 0~5000ppb (0~9.81mg/m3) /0~1000ppbAlso reset the measurement range by end user
2xOn/Off dry contact outputs for two stages alarm device, or control a ozone generator or a ventilator
Buzzer alarm and 3-color backlight LCD indication
Provide 1X analog output (0,2~10VDC/4~20mA) (can be used as transmitter)
Modbus RS485 interface, 15 KV antistatic protection, individual IP address
Provide two easy ways for calibration and setup alarm points via an infrared remote controller or via the RS485 interface.
Temperature measurement and display
Humidity measurement and display optional
Multiple application, wall mounting type and desktop type
Great performance with high quality and low price


Gas Detected Ozone
Sensing Element Electrochemical gas sensor
Sensor lifetime >2 years, removable
Temperature Sensor NTC
Humidity Sensor HS series capacitive sensor
Power Supply 24VAC/VDC (power adaptor selectable)
Power Consumption 2.8W
Response Time <60s @T90
Signal Update 1s
Warm up Time <60 seconds
Ozone Measuring Range 0~5000ppb (0-5ppm)( 0~9.81mg/m3)


Display Resolution 1ppb (0.001ppm) (0.01mg/ m3)
Accuracy ±0.01ppm + 10% reading
Nonlinear <1%FS
Repeatability <0.5%
Zero Drift <1%
Alarm Buzzer and Yellow or Red backlight switch
Display Green-normally, Orange – first stage alarm, Red- second stage alarm.
Temperature/humidity Measuring Range 5℃~60℃ (41℉~140℉)/0~80%RH
Analog Output 010VDC(default) or 4~20mA linear output selectable
Analog Output Resolution 16Bit
Relay dry contact Output Two dry-contact outputs

Max, switching current 3A (220VAC/30VDC), resistance Load

Modbus Communication Interface Modbus RTU protocol with 19200bps(default)

15KV antistatic protection

Working Condition/Storage Conditions 5~60℃ (41~140)/ 0~ 80% RH
Net Weight 190g
Dimensions 130mm(H)×85mm(W)×36.5mm(D)                  
Installation Standard 65mm×65mm or 85mmx85mm or 2”×4” wire box
Interface Connection (Max) 9 terminals
Wiring Standard Wire section area<1.5mm2
Manufacturing Process ISO 9001 Certified
Housing and IP class PC/ABS fireproof plastic material, protection class: IP30
Compliance EMC Directive 89/336/EEC


G09-O3 Monitor&Controller-2004 (9)

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