• Air Particulate Meter Monitor

    Air Particulate Meter Monitor

    Built in professional duct sensor with optical IR LED sensing method. Real time monitor indoor PM2.5 concentration.
    Built in high accuracy temperature & RH sensor, monitor indoor air temperature & RH.
    Using our unique technology of compensating method, and up to nine calibration points, to guarantee G03-PM2.5 measurements accuracy in different environments.
    LCD displays the real time measurement and moving average value of PM2, as well as real time temperature and RH measurements.
    Special design six backlit LCD for six levels of PM2.5, in straight and clear read.
    long-term security power supply: 5VDC with a power adaptor
    Option: RS485 interface with Modbus protocol
    Users can know very well the indoor PM2.5 concentration, and can easily select a air purifier/air cleaner. Not only see a visible effective of indoor air clean but also have a reasonable use of an air cleaning device.