Indoor Air Quality Monitor in Commercial Grade

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Model: MSD
Key words:
PM2.5/ PM10/CO2/TVOC/HCHO/Temperature/Humidity
Wall mounting/Ceiling mounting
Commercial grade
RS485/Wi-Fi/RJ45 and three power supply optional
Three-color light ring


Real time multi-sensor indoor air quality monitor in commercial grade with up to 7 sensors.
Built in measurement compensation algorithm and constant flow design to ensure accurate and reliable output data.
Auto fan speed control to ensure a constant air volume, consistently deliver all accurate data throughout its entire lifecycle.
Provide remote tracking, diagnosing, and correcting data to ensure its continuous accuracy and reliability
Eapecial an option for end users to choose which maintain the monitor or update firmware of the monitor operated remotely if needed.

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    • 24-hour online real-time detecting indoor air quality, upload measurement data.
    • The special and core multi-sensor module is inside, which is designed for the commercial grade monitors. The whole sealed cast aluminum structure ensures the stability of detection and improves the anti-jamming capability.
    • Unlike other particle sensors, with a built-in large flow bearing blower and the control technology of automatic constant flow, MSD has the much higher and long-term operation stability and life, of course more accuracy.
    • Providing multiple sensors such as PM2.5, PM10, CO2, TVOC, HCHO, Temperature and humidity.
    • Using own patent technologies to minimize the influence from ambiance temperature and humidity to the measured values.
    • Two power supply selectable: 24VDC/VAC or 100~240VAC
    • Communication interface is optional: Modbus RS485, WIFI, RJ45 Ethernet.
    • Supply an extra RS485 for WiFi/ Ethernet type to configure or check the measurements.
    • Three-color light ring indicating different level of indoor air quality. The light ring can be turned off.
    • Ceiling mounting and wall mounting with the tasteful appearance in different decoration styles.
    • Simple structure and installation, make easy ceiling mounting easy and convenient.
    • RESET certified as the grade B monitor for Green Building Assessment and Certification.
    • Over 15-year experience in IAQ product design and production, abundantly applied in European and American market, mature technology, good manufacturing practice and high quality ensured.


    General Data

     Detection Parameters(max.) PM2.5/PM10, CO2, TVOC, Temperature & RH, HCHO
     Output (Optional) . RS485 (Modbus RTU or BACnet MSTP). RJ45/TCP (Ethernet) with an extra RS485 interface. WiFi @2.4 GHz 802.11b/g/n with an extra RS485 interface
    Operating Environment Temperature: 0~50 ℃ (32 ~122℉)Humidity: 0~90%RH
     Storage Conditions -10~50 ℃ (14 ~122℉)/0~90%RH (No condensation)
     Power Supply 12~28VDC/18~27VAC or 100~240VAC
     Overall Dimension 130mm(L)×130mm(W)×45mm (H) 7.70in(L)×6.10in(W)×2.40in(H)
     Power consumption  Average  1.9w (24V) 4.5w( 230V)
     Material of Shell & IP Level  PC/ABS fire-proof material / IP20
    Certification Standard  CE, FCC, ICES

    PM2.5/PM10 Data

     Sensor  Laser particle sensor, light scattering method
     Measuring Range  PM2.5: 0~500μg/m3 PM10: 0~800μg/m3
     Output Resolution  0.1μg /m3
     Zero Point Stability  ±3μg /m3
     Accuracy (PM2.5)  10% of reading (0~300μg/m3@25℃ , 10%~60%RH)

    CO2 Data

    Sensor Non-Dispersive Infrared Detector (NDIR)
     Measuring Range  0~5,000ppm
     Output Resolution  1ppm
     Accuracy ±50ppm +3% of the reading (25 ℃, 10%~60%RH)

    Temperature and Humidity Data

     Sensor High precision digital integrated temperature and humidity sensor
    Measuring Range Temperature︰-20~60 ℃ (-4~140℉) Humidity︰0~99%RH
    Output Resolution Temperature︰0.01 ℃ (32.01 ℉) Humidity︰0.01%RH
     Accuracy Temperature︰<±0.6℃ @25℃ (77 ℉) Humidity︰<±4.0%RH (20%~80%RH)

    TVOC Data

    Sensor Metal oxide gas sensor
    Measuring Range 0~3.5mg/m3
    Output Resolution 0.001mg/m3
     Accuracy ±0.05mg+10% of reading (0~2mg/m3 @25℃, 10%~60%RH)

    HCHO Data

    Sensor Electrochemical Formaldehyde sensor
    Measuring Range 0~0.6mg/m3
    Output Resolution 0.001mg∕㎥
    Accuracy ±0.005mg/㎥+5% of reading (25℃, 10%~60%RH)



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