Carbon Dioxide Monitor and Alarm

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Model: G01- CO2- B3

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CO2/Temperature/Humidity monitor and alarm
Wall mounting/ Desktop
Optional on/off output and RS485
3-backlight display
Buzzle alarm

Monitoring real-time carbon dioxide, temperature, and relative humidity, with 3-color backlight LCD for three CO2 ranges. It offers the option to display 24-hour averages and maximum CO2 values.
The buzzle alarm is available or make it disable, also can be turned it off once the buzzer rings.

It has the optional on/off output to control a ventilator, and a Modbus RS485 communication interface. It supports three power supply: 24VAC/VDC, 100~240VAC, and USB or DC power adaptor and can be easily mounted on the wall or placed on a desktop.

As one of the most popular CO2 monitors it has gained a strong reputation for high-quality performance, making it a reliable choice for monitoring and managing indoor air quality.


Brief Introduction

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♦ Real time monitoring room carbon dioxide

♦ NDIR infrared CO2 sensor inside with special Self Calibration. It makes the CO2 measurement more accurate and more reliable.

♦ More than 10 years lifetime of CO2 sensor

♦ Temperature and humidity monitoring

♦ Three-color (Green/Yellow/ Red) LCD backlight indicates ventilation level -optimal/moderate/poor based on the CO2 measurements

♦ Buzzer alarm available/disable selected

♦ Optional display 24h average and max. CO2

♦ Provide optional 1xrelay output to control a ventilator

♦ Provide optional Modbus RS485 communication

♦ Touch button for easy operation

♦ 24VAC/VDC or 100~240V or USB 5V power supply

♦ wall mounting or desktop placement available

♦ High quality with the excellent performance, best choice for schools and offices

♦ CE-approval


G01-CO2 monitor is used to monitor indoor CO2 concentration as well as temperature and humidity. It’s installed on the wall or on the desktop

♦ Schools, offices, hotels, meeting rooms

♦ Shops, restaurants, hospitals, theaters

♦ Air ports, train stations, other public places

♦ Apartments, houses

♦ All ventilation systems


Power supply 100~240VAC or 24VAC/VDC wire connecting USB 5V (>1A for USB adaptor) 24V with an adaptor
Consumption 3.5 W max. ; 2.5 W avg
Gas detected Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
Sensing element Non-Dispersive Infrared Detector (NDIR)
Accuracy@25℃(77℉) ±50ppm + 3% of reading
Stability <2% of FS over life of sensor (15 yr typical)
Calibration interval ABC Logic Self Calibration Algorithm
CO2 sensor life 15 years
Response Time <2 minutes for 90% step change
Signal update Every 2 seconds
Warm up time <3 minutes (operation)
CO2 measuring range 0~5,000ppm
CO2 Display resolution 1ppm
3-color backlight for CO2 range Green : <1000ppm Yellow: 1001~1400ppm Red: >1400ppm
LCD Display Real time CO2, Temp &RH Extra 24h average/max/min CO2 (optional)
Temperature measuring range -20~60℃(-4~140℉)
Humidity measuring range 0~99%RH
Relay output (optional) One relay output with rated switching current: 3A, resistance load
Operation conditions -20~60℃(32~122℉); 0~95%RH, non condensing
Storage conditions 0~50℃(14~140℉), 5~70%RH
Dimensions/ Weight 130mm(H)×85mm(W)×36.5mm(D) / 200g
Housing and IP class PC/ABS fireproof plastic material, protection class: IP30
Installation Wall mounting (65mm×65mm or 2”×4”wire box) Desktop placement
Standard CE-Approval



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