CO Controller

  • carbon monoxide controller

    carbon monoxide controller

    Design for real-time detection air carbon monoxide.
    High accuracy humidity and temperature detection optional
    LCD display carbon monoxide and optional temperature & RH measurement.
    Smart buttons for easy operation
    Excellent electrochemical CO sensor with more than 3 years lift time in typical use
    Provide 1X analog linear output (0~10VDC/4~20mA selectable) for the measurement
    Providing up to two dry contact outputs which are controller the setpoint
    RS485 Modbus /BACnet interface optional
    24VAC/VDC power supply

  • Latest Programmable Carbon Monoxide Detector and Controller

    Latest Programmable Carbon Monoxide Detector and Controller

    • Real-time monitoring air Carbon Monoxide concentration.
    • with optional temperature and humidity detection.
    • Display real-time CO measurement values and 1-hour average
    • Carbon monoxide module replaceable, longer than 5 years of sensor life
    • Modbus RTU or BACnet -MS/TP communication optional
    • Buzzer alarm for setpoint of carbon monoxide
    • Zero calibration operation
    • Provides powerful setting functions for different control requirements
    • 24VAC/VDC power supply