Carbon Monoxide (CO)

  • carbon monoxide controller

    carbon monoxide controller

    Design for real-time detection air carbon monoxide.
    High accuracy humidity and temperature detection optional
    LCD display carbon monoxide and optional temperature & RH measurement.
    Smart buttons for easy operation
    Excellent electrochemical CO sensor with more than 3 years lift time in typical use
    Provide 1X analog linear output (0~10VDC/4~20mA selectable) for the measurement
    Providing up to two dry contact outputs which are controller the setpoint
    RS485 Modbus /BACnet interface optional
    24VAC/VDC power supply

  • Latest Programmable Carbon Monoxide Detector and Controller

    Latest Programmable Carbon Monoxide Detector and Controller

    • Real-time monitoring air Carbon Monoxide concentration.
    • with optional temperature and humidity detection.
    • Display real-time CO measurement values and 1-hour average
    • Carbon monoxide module replaceable, longer than 5 years of sensor life
    • Modbus RTU or BACnet -MS/TP communication optional
    • Buzzer alarm for setpoint of carbon monoxide
    • Zero calibration operation
    • Provides powerful setting functions for different control requirements
    • 24VAC/VDC power supply
  • carbon monoxide transmitter

    carbon monoxide transmitter

    Real time detect and transmit ambiance carbon monoxide level
    Up to more than five years lifetime
    1x analog output for linear measurement
    Modbus RS485 interface
    The highest performance with the lowest price
    F2000TSM-CO-C101 is specifically designed to detect and transmit carbon monoxide level in the enclosed or semi-enclosed car parks and to regulate the environment according to the measurement of carbon monoxide. It is designed for easy installation and minimum maintenance during operation.