CO2 Monitor/Controller

  • Carbon Dioxide Meter with PID Output

    Carbon Dioxide Meter with PID Output

    Model: TSP-CO2 Series

    Key words:

    CO2/Temperature/Humidity detection
    Analog output with linear or PID control
    Relay output

    Short Description:
    Combined CO2 transmitter and controller into a single unit, TSP-CO2 offering a smooth solution for air CO2 monitoring and control. Temperature and humidity (RH) is optional. OLED screen displays real-time air quality.
    It has one or two analog outputs, monitor either CO2 levels or a combination of CO2 and temperature. The analog outputs can be choosed linear output or PID control.
    It has one relay output with two selectable control modes, providing versatility in managing connected devices, and with Modbus RS485 interface, it can be easily integrate into a BAS or HVAC system.
    Moreover a buzzer alarm is available, and it can trigger a relay on/off output for alerting and control purposes.

  • Greenhouse CO2 Controller Plug and Play

    Greenhouse CO2 Controller Plug and Play

    Model: TKG-CO2-1010D-PP

    Key words:

    For greenhouses,mushrooms
    CO2 and temp. Humidity control
    Plug & play
    Day/Light working mode
    Split or extendable sensor probe

    Short Description:
    Specifically design to control CO2 concentration as well as temperature and humidity in greenhouses, mushrooms or other similar environment. It features a highly durable NDIR CO2 sensor with self-calibration, ensuring accuracy over its impressive 15-year lifetime.
    With a plug-and-play design the CO2 controller oerates on a wide power supply range of 100VAC~240VAC, offering flexibility and comes with European or American power plug options. It includes a maximum 8A relay dry contact output for efficient control.
    It incorporates a photosensitive sensor for automatic switching of day/night control mode, and its sensor probe can be used for separate sensing, with a replaceable filter and extendable lenth.

  • CO2 Monitor with Wi-Fi RJ45 and Data Logger

    CO2 Monitor with Wi-Fi RJ45 and Data Logger

    Model: EM21-CO2
    Key words:
    CO2/Temperature/Humidity detection
    Data logger/Bluetooth
    In-Wall  or On-Wall mounting

    RS485/WI-FI/ Ethernet
    EM21 is monitoring real-time carbon dioxide (CO2) and 24-hour average CO2 with LCD display. It features automatic screen brightness adjustment for day and night, and also a 3-color LED light indicates 3 CO2 ranges.
    EM21 has options of RS485/WiFi/Ethernet/LoraWAN interface. It has a data-logger in BlueTooth download.
    EM21 has in-wall or on-wall mounting type.The in-wall mounting is applicable to tube box of Europe, American, and China standard.
    It suppotes 18~36VDC/20~28VAC or 100~240VAC power supply.

  • Carbon Dioxide Monitor and Alarm

    Carbon Dioxide Monitor and Alarm

    Model: G01- CO2- B3

    Key words:

    CO2/Temperature/Humidity monitor and alarm
    Wall mounting/ Desktop
    Optional on/off output and RS485
    3-backlight display
    Buzzle alarm

    Monitoring real-time carbon dioxide, temperature, and relative humidity, with 3-color backlight LCD for three CO2 ranges. It offers the option to display 24-hour averages and maximum CO2 values.
    The buzzle alarm is available or make it disable, also can be turned it off once the buzzer rings.

    It has the optional on/off output to control a ventilator, and a Modbus RS485 communication interface. It supports three power supply: 24VAC/VDC, 100~240VAC, and USB or DC power adaptor and can be easily mounted on the wall or placed on a desktop.

    As one of the most popular CO2 monitors it has gained a strong reputation for high-quality performance, making it a reliable choice for monitoring and managing indoor air quality.


  • CO2 Monitor and Controller in Temp.& RH or VOC Option

    CO2 Monitor and Controller in Temp.& RH or VOC Option

    Model: GX-CO2 Series

    Key words:

    CO2 monitoring and control, optional VOC/Temperature/Humidity
    Analog outputs with linear outputs or PID control outputs selectable, relay outputs, RS485 interface
    3 backlight display


    A real-time carbon dioxide monitor and controller with temperature and humidity or VOC’s options, it has powerful control function. It not only provides up to three linear outputs (0~10VDC) or PID(Proportional-Integral-Derivative) control outputs, but also provides up to three relay outputs.
    It has strong on-site setting for different projects requests through a robust set of advanced parameters pre-configuration. Control requirements can also be customized specifically.
    It can be integrated into BAS or HVAC systems in seamless connection using Modbus RS485.
    The 3-color backlight LCD display can indicate three CO2 ranges clearly.


  • CO2 Monitor with Data Logger WiFi and RS485

    CO2 Monitor with Data Logger WiFi and RS485

    Model: G01-CO2-P

    Key words:
    CO2/Temperature/Humidity detection
    Data logger/Bluetooth
    Wall mounting/ Desktop
    Battery power
    Real time monitoring CO2 and temp.&RH. Three-color backlight LCD indicating three CO2 ranges, and buzzer alarm is an option.
    Built-in data logger with up to one year measurements record, download via Bluetooth
    WIFI MQTT communication is optional, uploading to cloud server.
    Power supply selection: USB/DC power adaptor, 24VAC/VDC lithium battery
    Wall mounting or portable/desktop
    Commercial level with high quality for business buildings