Hardware Design Engineer

We are seeking the detail-oriented hardware design engineers for our electronic and sensing products.
As a hardware design engineer, you will be required to design the hardware, including schematic diagram and PCB layout, as well as firmware design.
Our products are mainly designed for air quality detection and data gathering with WiFi or Ethernet interface, or RS485 interface.
Develop the architecture for new hardware component systems, ensure compatibility and integration with the software, and diagnose and resolve component bugs and malfunctions.
Designing and developing components such as printed circuit boards (PCB), processors.
Collaborating with software engineers to ensure software compatibility and integration with the hardware components.
Support to obtain the product certification including but not limited to CE, FCC, Rohs etc.
Support integration projects, troubleshooting and diagnosing errors and suggesting suitable repairs or modifications.
Draft technology documents and testing procedure, overseeing the manufacturing process and to ensure they meet the design specifications.
Keeping up to date with the latest advancements in indoor air quality monitor technology and design trends.

Job Requirements
1. Bachelor degree in electrical engineer, communication, Computer, automatic control, English level CET-4 or above;
2. A minimum of 2 years experience as a hardware design engineer or similar. Skilled use of oscilloscope and other electronic instruments;
3. Good understanding of RS485 or other communication interfaces and communication protocols;
4. Independent product development experience, familiar with hardware development process;
5. Experience with digital/analog circuit, power protection, EMC design;
6. Proficiency in using C language for 16-bit and 32-bit MCU programming.

R&D Director

R&D director will responsible for research, planning, and implementing new programs and protocols and overseeing the development of new products.

Your responsibilities
1. Participate in the definition and development of IAQ product roadmap, providing input regarding technology strategy planning.
2. Planning and ensuring an optimal project portfolio for the team, and overseeing efficient project execution.
3. Evaluating market requirements and innovation, and providing feedback on product, manufacturing and R&D strategies, promoting Tongdy’s R&D internally and externally.
4. Provide guidance to the senior staff on metrics to improve development cycle time.
5. Direct/coach the formation of product development teams, improve analytical disciplines within engineering and deploy product development process improvements.
6. Focus on team quarterly performance.

Your background
1. 5+ years of experience with embedded hardware and software development, demonstrated rich successful experience in products development.
2. 3+ years of experience in R&D line management or project management.
3. Having experience for end to end product R&D process. Finish the job from complete product design to market launch independently.
4. Knowledge and understanding of development process and industrial standard, relative technology trends and customer requirements
5. A solution-focused approach and strong written and spoken communication skills in English
6. Possessing strong leadership, excellent people skill and has good teamwork spirit and willing to contribute to the team’s success
7. An individual who is highly responsible, self-motivated, and autonomous at work and capable of managing changes and multi-tasks during the development phase

International sales representative

1. Focus on finding new customers, and promoting and selling the company's products.
2. Typically negotiate and write contracts, coordinate deliveries with production and R&D department.
3. Responsible for the whole sales process including documentation to export verification and cancellation.
4. Maintaining positive business relationships to ensure future sales

Job Requirements
1. Bachelor’s degree in Electronics, computer, mechatronics, measurement and control instruments, chemistry, HVAC business or Foreign trade and English related field
2. 2+ years proven work experience as an international Sales Representative
3. Excellent knowledge of MS Office
4. With ability to build productive business professional relationships
5. Highly motivated and target driven with a proven track record in sales
6. Excellent selling, negotiation and communication skills