Indoor Air Quality Detector

  • IAQ Multi Sensor Gas monitor

    IAQ Multi Sensor Gas monitor

    Sensor modular and silent design, flexible combination
    One monitor with three optional gas sensors
    Wall mounting and two power supplies available for the air detector
    Design and production air quality monitoring products for 15 years

  • IAQ Air Quality Monitor with LoraWAN and Data Logger

    IAQ Air Quality Monitor with LoraWAN and Data Logger

    In-Wall Mounting Applicable to tube box of Europe, American, and China standard Wall mounting or desktop placement with a mounting box LED Tri-colored lights Visible air quality level Compact and simple design Gather real-time data and display history chart via a software platform Smart Air Detector

  • Air Pollution Monitor Tongdy

    Air Pollution Monitor Tongdy

    Smart Air Detector Smart Indoor Air Quality Sensor

    • Experienced in designing IAQ products for 15 years, with powerful performance guaranteed
    • Real-time indoor air quality detection, single or combined measurement selection: PM2.5/PM10, CO2, TVOC, Temperature and RH
    • 3-color light indicates the range of the main measurement
    • OLED display optional
    • Suitable for schools, offices , hotels and residential projects to analyze indoor air quality, and to control ventilation systems
    • Modbus RS485 or WIFI communication interface

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  • Indoor Air Quality Monitor in Commercial Grade

    Indoor Air Quality Monitor in Commercial Grade

    Smart Indoor Air Quality Sensor

    Online real-time detecting indoor air quality, air detector
    Green Building Assessment
    BAS and HVAC
    Smart Home System
    Fresh Air Controlling System
    Building Energy Saving Reconstruction and Assessment System
    Classroom, office, exhibition hall, shopping mall, other public place

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  • Professional Indoor Air Quality Monitor

    Professional Indoor Air Quality Monitor

    • 15 years design and production experience of IAQ (indoor air quality) products, long-term export to global markets, guaranteed by powerful strength.
    • Flexible combination of multi-sensors, up to 7 parameters monitoring
    • Provide a variety of wired and wireless communication interfaces, connect data collection platform and mobile phone, real-time data monitoring and analysis.
    • Applied to fresh air systems and online monitoring of indoor air quality.
    • Complies with Well V.2 about monitor of indoor air quality