CO2 Monitor

  • CO2 Monitor with Data Logger WiFi and RS485

    CO2 Monitor with Data Logger WiFi and RS485

    • Three-color backlight LCD indicating three CO2 ranges
    • Built-in data logger with up to one year data record,download via Bluetooth APP
    • WiFi or RS485 interface options
    • USB 5V or DC5V power supply, 24VAC/VDC power supply,battery power supply is option
    • 3-color backlight for three CO2 ranges
    • Wall mounting or portable/desktop
    • Commercial level with high quality for business buildings, such as offices, schools and upscale residence
  • CO2 Monitor in VOC Option and Strong Control

    CO2 Monitor in VOC Option and Strong Control

    Smart Indoor Air Quality Sensor

    Design for carbon dioxide monitoring and control
    NDIR infrared CO2 sensor inside with special Self Calibration. It makes CO2 measurement more accurate and more reliable.
    More than 10 years lifetime of CO2 sensor
    Up to three relay outputs to control three devices.
    Up to three 0~10VDC outputs with linear orPID selectable
    Multi-sensor is selectable with CO2/ TVOC/Temp./RH
    Displays measurements and working information
    Optional Modbus RS485 communication
    24VAC/VDC or 100~230VAC power supply
    Open parameters setting for end users to preset control details for different applications
    Designed for a CO2/Temp. or TVOC transmitter and a VAV or ventilation controller.
    Friendly control value setting by the buttons

  • Greenhouse CO2 Controller Plug and Play

    Greenhouse CO2 Controller Plug and Play

    Smart CO2 Analyzer,co2 detector sensor,co2 tester

    Design for control the CO 2 concentration in greenhouses or mushrooms

    NDIR infrared CO 2 sensor inside with Self-Calibration and up to more than 10 years lifetime.
    Plug & play type, very easy to connect the power and a fan or CO 2 generator.
    100VAC~240VAC range power supply with European or American power plug and power connector.
    A max. 8A relay dry contact output
    Inside a photosensitive sensor for auto changeover day/night work mode
    Replaceable filter in the probe and extendable probe length.
    Design the convenient and easier buttons for operation.
    Optional split external sensor with 2 meter cables

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    CO2 controller for greenhouse in plug & play

  • Carbon Dioxide Monitor with Alarm

    Carbon Dioxide Monitor with Alarm

    Model: G01-CO2-B3 Series

    CO2 + Temperature + Humidity Monitor/Controller

    • Real time carbon dioxide detection and monitoring

    • Temperature and humidity detection and display

    • Three-color backlight LCD

    • Optional display 24h average CO2 and max. CO2

    • Provide optional 1x on/off output to control a ventilator

    • Provide optional Modbus RS485 communication

    • Wall mounting or desktop placement

    • High quality, excellent performance

    • CE-approval

  • Carbon Dioxide Sensor with Temp.&RH

    Carbon Dioxide Sensor with Temp.&RH

    • Real time carbon dioxide detection and transmitting
    • High accuracy Temperature and humidity detection
    • NDIR infrared CO2 sensor with patented self calibration
    • Provide 3xanalog linear outputs for measurements
    • Optional LCD display of all measurements
    • Modbus communication
    • CE-approval
    • Smart co2 analyzer
    • co2 detector sensor

    • co2 tester
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  • NDIR CO2 Sensor in 6 LED lights

    NDIR CO2 Sensor in 6 LED lights

    Smart indoor air quality sensor

    Real-time detecting CO2 level with wall-mounting type
    NDIR infrared CO2 module inside with four CO2 detection range selectable.
    CO2 sensor has Self-Calibration Algorithm and up to 15 years lifetime
    Six indicator lights indicate six CO2 range

    One analog output 0~10V or 4~20mA for CO2 measurement

    A touch button for operation

    Design for control a ventilator in houses, offices, or other indoor areas

    24VAC/VDC power supply