Tongdy Healthy Living Symposium–Air decoding WELL Living Lab(China) Special Event

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On 7th July, the special event “Healthy Living Symposium” was held in the newly opened WELL Living Lab (China). The event was jointly organized by Delos and Tongdy Sensing Technology Corporation.

In the past three years, “Healthy Living Symposium” has invited experts across building and health sciences industry to exchange and share advanced ideas. Delos as a global wellness leader with a mission to enhance health and well-being in the spaces where we live, work, learn, and play, continue to lead the direction of healthy living, and contribute to improve the well-being of people.
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As the co-organizer of this event, in terms of indoor air quality monitor and data analysis, Tongdy Sensing had a friendly conversation with experts and partners in the air quality detection of green and healthy building.

Tongdy has been focused in air quality monitor since 2005. With 16 years’ rich experience, Tongdy as the professional expert in this industry with good reputation. And now Tongdy has become a industry pioneer with leading technology after experienced strict quality control and long-term on-site application.
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By continuously collecting quantity of real-time air quality data in various rooms of WELL Living Lab, Tongdy helps providing on-line and long-term data of air quality. The Well Living Lab can compare and analysis each air parameters including PM2.5, PM10, TVOC, CO2, O3, CO,Temperature and Relative Humidity, that was profound for Delos’ future research in the field of green building and sustainable living health.
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At this event, Ms. Snow, President of Delos China, delivered the opening speech via long-distance video from New York. She said : “the Well Living Lab (China) has been planned to start construction in 2017. At the beginning, it faced many difficulties and challenges. Finally, Well Living Lab is in operation in 2020 by surmounting technology difficulties. I would like to thanks for the hard work of my co-workers and the dedication of our partner like Tongdy Sensing Technology. Furthermore, I would like to express my gratitude to all of you for the long-term support to Delos and WELL Living Lab (China) .We sincerely look forward to more and more people join us and fight for the mission of healthy living.”
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Vice present Ms.Tian Qing, on behalf of Tongdy , also expressed her sincere greetings and warm welcome to the guests. At the same time, she also said that “Tongdy” will always be committed to the mission of healthy living, working together with partners to contribute to the Healthy China 2030.
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Ms. Shi Xuan, Senior Vice President of Delos China, introduced the construction process, infrastructure and research direction of WELL Living Lab (China). She hoped that we could arouse people’s attention and enthusiasm for healthy living through continuous exploration, and look for new boundaries and territories in the living health field.
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Ms. Mei Xu, Vice President of IWBI Asia, shared the technical details of WELL Living Lab (China). She provides a technical interpretation of the WELL Living Lab (China) combine with the Ten Concepts of the WELL Healthy Building Standard (Air, Water, Nutrition, Light, Movement, Thermal Comfort, Acoustic Environment, Material, Spiritual, and Community).
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Ms.Tian Qing, Vice present of Tongdy , shared many information about how air quality data works on energy saving, purification and online control from the aspect of Tongdy’s air monitors and controllers, application scenario and data analysis. She also shared the air monitor application in WELL living Lab.
After the conference, the participants were pleased to visit some of the open areas of WELL living Lab and the unique 360-degree rotating laboratory on the roof of the building.
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The air quality monitors of Tongdy are perfectly integrated with the interior space of WELL Living Lab. The real-time online data provided will provide the basic data for the future experiments and research of WELL Living Lab.
Tongdy and WELL will keep walking along shoulder by shoulder, we believe their joint efforts to pursue living healthy will made major achievement and yield fresh result.
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Post time: Jul-14-2021